Finished Drums

You will hand build a sturdy frame drum and beater in this one day ceremonial workshop. Chantal will guide you in your personal journey to meet the spirit of your drum and lead you in prayerful ceremony to create your drum in a sacred manner.

Birthing a drum is a long held sacred tradition in indigenous cultures, and is done with much reverence. The drum you will be creating will be used for prayer, and healing work, so much thought is given in the selection of the animal skins and the wood used for the frame. When you register, information will be sent regarding the qualities of the skins available so you can make the appropriate choice.

Shamanic journeying will be part of the creation process, experience is helpful, but not required. If you would like to learn how to journey before the workshop, please contact Chantal beforehand for instruction.

What to bring:

  • An old towel
  • Notebook or journal with pen
  • Blanket and eye pillow
  • Lunch and drink

Cost of the workshop varies depending on the size of the drum and type of skins available.

Group Drum