Horses connect us deeply to a wisdom that resides in the heart, a place of inner knowing. This inner knowing if often hidden or covered by outside experiences, daily life, and the pressures of living in the modern world. When we take the opportunity to experience fully through the wisdom that horses have to offer, we learn how to be present to this moment as it is. Horses are masters of “being” and “not doing”, and through their ability to mirror our emotions and mental states they help us in our personal transformation. I offer opportunities for private sessions, and groups, in equine guided learning and holistic horsemanship, or spend an afternoon with my mare, Angel to immerse yourself in horses, Yoga, meditation and/or drumming.

Learn more about our The Wisdom of The HorseHorse & Soul, and our Afternoon With An Angel events.


We have three active spiritual groups…Caim Na Mara Alainn, and Earth centered Women’s Drum Circle, and Church of the Wild Earth, a grassroots interspiritual community that is a member of the Wild Church Network Our ministry is Eco-spiritual as we gather in nature to honor and care for the Earth as the face of the Beloved Mystery.

Learn more about Celtic SpiritualityCaim Na Mara Alainn and our Women’s Wisdom Healing Drum Circles.


Various classes and workshops in spirituality, herbal healing and indigenous wisdom, along with a blog, Wild Earth Musings to explore relevant topics at your leisure.