Emmari Angel Bella - Coaching with Horses

You have an opportunity to spend an afternoon with Angel, an Arabian mare that truly is an angelic presence. She has a very gentle way and an intuitive sense about her, and she loves to help humans along on their healing journey. This is a three-hour retreat that you may design to include whatever activities you feel will nourish your spirit. The following are some examples, but the possibilities are endless.

  • Reflective Round Pen, & Spirit Horse Painting
  • Journey Ride, & Head, Heart and Hara
  • Journey to the Horse Ancestors, & Spirit Horse Painting
  • Drumming, & Energy Healing
  • Horse Dancing, Yoga, & Drumming

This a very personal experience and I am happy to help you choose what might be best based on your current needs and your horse experience.

Contact Chantal for more information.

*Please Note, Visitors Welcomed By Appointment Only.