The View From Dun ICaim Na Mara Alainn is a small community practicing in the ancient Ceile De’ tradition. The name itself means Caim of the Beautiful Sea and was chosen to acknowledge the beautiful waters that surround us here on the peninsula. We are part of a living spiritual tradition from Ireland and Scotland that extends back to the early centuries after Christ’s death, and we are affiliated with the Ceile De’ Order in Kippen, Scotland.

We are a contemplative group that meets twice monthly for silent prayer, and other Celtic contemplative practices that have been handed down to us over the centuries. Our silence is wrapped in the chanting of Gaelic prayers, which connect us to an ancient sound current, and those who have traveled this path before us. We will often choose a topic of study to explore together to deepen our spiritual life as well. As we travel around the year, we pause to celebrate the Celtic festivals that keep us rooted in the present, but also give us an awareness of the spiraling nature of time and the movement of the seasons.

We are always open to visitors and new members with prior arrangement. Please visit the Order’s main website for information and articles.

*Please Note, Visitors Welcomed By Appointment Only.