Celtic Cross in a field

Celtic Spirituality is deeply rooted in the land, and nature herself as a manifestation of the face of the Divine Beloved. This closeness with the natural world allows for a rhythm of life to follow through the day, seasons, and the year. There is at once a simplicity in the movement from work, study, prayer, and watchfulness, all the while honoring silence and solitude as a primary foundation. This ancient way of being is known as the Ceile De’, or “Spouse of God”, which is the oldest living Celtic tradition that walks the threshold of the Earth-honoring path of the ancients, and the Christ-centered Christian path.

Our days are shaped by contemplative prayer in the morning and evening, and at noon praying the paidirean, or Celtic prayer beads. Daily work is accompanied by traditional Gaelic prayers that are sung or intoned softly to bless the work that is being carried out.

We have a small community or caim, as we are called, which means, “circle of grace”. We meet twice monthly for contemplative practices and study, also on the Celtic festivals throughout the year. New members and those interested in learning more are always welcome with advance notice. Our Mother House is located in Kippen, Scotland and more information about the Order and the Ceile De’ tradition can be found here. www.ceilede.co.uk

*Please Note, Visitors Welcomed By Appointment Only.