Emmari Angel Bella - Coaching with Horses

“Horses are karmic and they come to us in our lives karmically, when it is time for us truly to learn.”   – Dominique Barbier

Horses are one of the few domesticated animals who have maintained their intuitive ability to connect with the more subtle reality around them. To quote Linda Kohanov,” This wisdom is shrouded in mystery, wisdom felt more deeply than can ever be explained.

She goes on to say “Horses model an embodied spirituality, one that is both fully present in this world and deeply connected to the soul’s divine origins.” It is these divine origins that enable us to connect with the horse’s true nature, which is that of a wisdom teacher.

The wisdom that the horse expresses to us is a wake-up call to leave our linear way of thinking behind. Linear thinking presents itself as a straight line, right/wrong, competitive, logical type of mindset. Whereas, a horse’s way of being is based on right relationship, cooperation, using creativity, emotions and intuition as guides in negotiating life’s lessons.

Horses have the ability to let go in order to stay focused in the present moment. The need for a horse to plan the future or daydream about the past could prove very dangerous in its natural setting, as she and her herd could quickly become a meal for another wild animal. It is this natural instinct of staying in the moment that can be one of the most useful lessons horses can teach us.

Their ability to read emotions, which are energy, of the herd keeps them safe when danger is present. They use this same “reading of energy” when interacting with people, which is why horses can sometimes react to people in a way that is not desirable to what the person wanted.

It is simply the horse getting a read on the person’s energy, and reacting based on that “non-verbal” communication that is being sent. Horses are very intuitive, emphatic creatures, it is these sensitivities that I engage with while doing healing work, as well as, equine experiential learning. This deeper knowing with horses is available to all of us who truly wish to learn. The Horse and Soul program offers opportunities for learning the wisdom the horse has to give either through private sessions or retreats.

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