Soul Song Companioning was created to manifest a vision of soulful living, health & creativity for women…Are you longing for something more in your life, but feel at a loss as to how exactly to make that happen? Would sharing your ideas and having a close confidant be a witness to them as they unfold, give you encouragement and momentum? Are you longing to make healthy changes in your diet and lifestyle, but just don’t know where to begin? Perhaps you are struggling in your spiritual life, at a place of discernment and need direction as to where Spirit is calling you. As an Interfaith Minister, Wellness Coach and Equine Facilitated Learning guide, I can help you navigate many of these areas to create the change you wish to see in your life.

So what exactly is companioning and who can benefit?

Companioning is for mentally & emotionally fit people who would benefit from having creative encouragement and a witness to their life’s journey in order to manifest their goals and live from a place of abundance. As your companion, I help hold the space for your own self discovery, bringing to light your positive qualities and strengthening weaker points, uncovering your inner brilliance so that it can shine through, much the same way that a competitive athlete is guided to be the best they can be. A spiritual companion is there to hold you accountable to your dreams and goals, so that your vision doesn’t fall by the wayside. As a spiritual guide, I listen with the heart to the longings of your soul, giving witness to the unfolding as it happens.  When our heart and soul are in alignment, we live a purposeful life as our creator intended. Each of us has a gift that we were born to give to the world and when we discover that gift, our soul sings…together we will journey to find your Soul Song!

What does a Soul Song session look like?

Each new client begins with a 1-hour discovery session, in which you share your hopes, dreams,  spiritual life, and your visions for the future. This provides a pathway for us to follow as you begin to map out your own personal journey. Each subsequent session unfolds rather organically as we discover together what areas in your life need support and which areas are strong. I bring a wealth of knowledge to incorporate many faith traditions, or just focus on one. Some clients prefer including general meditation/prayer, along with wellness practices, so any or all of these can come into play as we work together. My goal is to offer guidance to help you restore your health, creativity, vitality and soul connections by making positive changes so that you can once again hear the song that your soul was meant to sing!

There are few different ways we can work together…

In person at my office, in person with the assistance of the horses or via phone. I work with clients from all over, so distance is not a problem. I do ask for a 3-month commitment so that there can be enough time for positive changes to take place.

Where am I located?

I am located on 70 acres of serene land just west of Berlin Maryland, on the Delmarva Peninsula, appropriately named “Solas Aisling”, which is Old Irish, meaning; bright or radiant healing vision. The amenities include a small indoor arena, round pen, miles of trails and a lovely yurt studio tucked in the woods with bamboo floor and skylight, allowing a profusion of light to filter in.

How do horses help guide us?

Spiritual Companioning is a vision of healing that occurs on a deep soul level to uncover our truest wisdom and life purpose and the horses can also be our healing guides. Many horses are natural born healers and can actually support and guide us on our journey. Horses can be a bridge to heal that severed connection between body, mind and soul that exists when we are unable to fully integrate our emotional response to transitions or sudden changes in our lives. Often these emotions are held in the body, and we actually unknowingly carry them around for years. Horses in their role as healers and guides, act as mirrors reflecting back to us what has been held deep within. Once we are able to see clearly what may have been holding us back, we are able to make the necessary changes to move from surviving to thriving.

Are you ready to get started making soulful changes in your life?

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*Please Note, Visitors Welcomed By Appointment Only.