woman doing yoga next to the water

Therapeutic Yoga is a facet of the ancient practice of Yoga that focuses on the health and wellness of the client at all levels, physical, psychological, and spiritual. The path of Yoga as specifically a healing art brings balance to the body and the mind through experiential understanding of the True Self, through the use of postures, breath work, developing witness consciousness and meditation. We also look further to outside influences such as diet and lifestyle choices which influence our ability to overcome disease or allow us to become ill in the first place, this is done through Yoga’s sister science Ayurveda.

In Yogic philosophy, illness is viewed as dis-ease or a lack of harmony in the body or mind which causes a separation from unity or wholeness. As your Yoga Therapist, I serve as a guide in your journey to re-discover wellness within yourself. The Five Kosha model, along with The Eight Limbs of Yoga, are the heart of Therapeutic Yoga, which differentiates it from your basic Yoga class. An individual program is designed for you based on your needs, this is done by assessing the state of your Koshas. Yoga views each person as a multi-dimensional being and kosha means layer, so we explore together the different “layers” of your being; the physical body, energy body, psycho-emotional body, wisdom body and the bliss body.

Therapeutic Yoga offers a vision of complete health at each level. The process of Yoga Therapy is a journey of healing and integrating all aspects of ourselves into wholeness and aligning with our highest potential.

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